Tuesday, November 15, 2011


It is the final publication of The Malay Mail today, albeit temporary, with a promise to come back in early January with a new look, new content and renewed energy.

Today’s edition carried an unprecedented advertisement on the front page highlighting the historical events that the paper has witnessed since its inception in 1896. These include “Two World Wars, the Japanese Occupation, the Communist Insurgency and multiple editorial crises”.

Running on the theme of “Survival”, the advertisement also carries a bold line that not many newspapers will readily acknowledge of themselves: “And worst of all we have let our readers down”.

The message however ends in an upbeat tone “But we survived it all. Come January 2012, we shall return with a new look, new content and a brand new energy”.

The Malay Mail’s Chief Executive Officer, Phillip Karuppiah said when it comes back as a paid morning newspaper in January 2012, the paper will be positioned as a content provider that reports the news truthfully and factually without any fear or favour.

Today’s edition is the last as a free afternoon daily and next year readers would have to pay a cover price of RM1.

Explaining the new look, News Editor, Terence Fernandez said the paper will include more comprehensive coverage of national, foreign, business, lifestyle, entertainment and sports news and wider coverage of community news as well as the award-winning Hotline and investigative reports that have become synonymous with The Malay Mail.

As work progresses on getting the new product off the ground, readers can continue to get up to date news of the day from The Malay Mail website www.mmail.com.my.

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